Chairman's Message

As a diversified food produce company, we play an active role in the food industry, setting the standard for the products (consumable and packaging) we produce.
We are passionate and confident in knowing that we deliver quality, and create long lasting memorable bonds with all our clients, sponsors and customers. No matter what field we are working in we strive to ensure that EMCO takes a balanced approach towards all our partners, gifting added value through modern market research and local knowledge.

Core Values

Creating a better, more healthy lifestyle for the environment and customers.

Customer Focus

Customers' satisfaction first.

Quality Product

Exceeding expectations


Food safety & quality standards


Since its founding in Dubai, UAE in 1992, EMCO has become the leading supplier of commodities such as sugar, rice, pulses, spices, seeds, beans, nuts and cereals in UAE. In the course of three decades, EMCO has made a name for itself as a brand signifying quality and reliability, a benchmark for people wishing to chooses in full freedom and at the same time be able to rely on constant and discreet assistance. Operating successfully in the medium-high end of the market, EMCO has won the trust of an exclusive and highly demanding customer base.


Our vision is to be the recognized performance leader of the commodities trading. Being a performance leader means we will achieve operational excellence, consistently supplying high quality products that exceed our customers' expectation, industry-leading customer satisfaction and superior financial performance.